Workplace Selfie, Dodge it Not!

Pretty sure you’ve seen, heard and performed this ritual earlier!

Go to Home screen, Click on Camera, Flip Camera, Adjust Flash, Pout or Twinkle, and Smile! One of those very normal methods to get a selfie, and define your presence at a particular instance of a day, or even night.

Your schedule might be packed to the rafters, yet there’s nothing like a Selfie to calm your jangled nerves down.
By the way, I’m sure you’ve heard of selfies, groufies, and even Santa Fe, New Mexico; however have you seen the advent of the #workplace selfie? Right now you’re thinking if that’s a made up commodity, and does it particularly merit a mention? Well, it gets better!

The #workplace selfie well and truly exists. It’s been around for a while, and I must tell you, it’s growing as a trend. Many of my closest pals, and even cousins have this habit a clicking 2-3 selfies at the workplace, which helps them identify with their existence at the office/institution, and provide fodder for their social media activities.

I’ve identified a few trends that could help you click the perfect #workplace Selfie:

– Pick your spot: Every office/institution has a perfect spot. This could be a cubicle, conference room, Chairman’s office, etc.; which has possibly the best seat and picture perfect lighting for your selfies

– Dress to Impress: Clothes are essential, yet they become doubly essential, when workplace selfies need to be clicked. Don’t forget to ask for help, if you’d like to have your complete outfit clicked, as a part of the workplace selfie ritual!

– No Gender Biases: If anyone ever guffaws, calling #workplace selfie a ‘chic’ thing, whack him/her on the head, and give these people a reality check. Trends have it that, men and women are playing catch up with this #workplace selfie ritual. Ideally, it takes 3-5 clicks per session to get a selfie right; men take more. #ShareTheGame

– Pose like a Pro: While having an airy gait can be an advantage, striking the perfect pose is possibly the most important ingredient. It displays confidence, consistency and candidness of an individual, who loves this ritual day after day. Try the lean against the railing, high-thigh explorer look, the chocolate boy/girl smirk and the cross armed energized look. These are classics and never go outta fashion!

– Sprout the Pout: Once again, let’s be honest, this cannot be claimed as a women thing. I’ve seen mid aged, half bald men pouting, thanks for their kids telling them the importance of it in a selfie. Thanks to social media apps, these days filters, tiaras, dog wagging tongues and other silly or sensible filters can be added on to a regular #workplace selfie, to make it take a magical turn. Ain’t that sweet, #dogfilter?

The #workplace selfie – A regular ritual in a regular corporate lifestyle, shared by millions of employees worldwide. This ritual sets the moods of employees, and can boost productivity among plethora of companies, thanks to this trend!

Well, well! The #workplace selfie seems to be going places, and quite rightly it should. Let’s play catch up and set our watches to selfie-o-clock to click that fantabulous #workplace selfie! #IGotItRight

#SelfieAtTheWorkplace by @harryrockerz

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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