Prepping for an event!

Yes indeed! The year’s begun on a rather sober note, and well no one seems to be complaining. As long as the meter is running and work keeps flowing in, I’d like to believe that things are shaping up for the best.

What also begins are the preparations for a marquee, revered and innovation laden contest, where Science and Engineering students from across the country participate, to be recognized as young innovators and pioneers of the future.

Indeed, these students are at the cusp of beginning their careers with ambitions of making it large; monetarily, intellectually and professionally. Furthermore, their hope is to feed off from the interactions they will have with their peers, technologists, industry veterans and tech mavericks; who literally live, eat and breathe technology.

Because these 100+ students believe in their nation and the technology advancements that have been prevalent over the past half a decade, their projects and prototypes are bound to provide solutions for issues, that are plaguing certain sections of the society, and possibly through technology can eliminate any discourses.

What awaits these students is a lip smacking prospect of watching ideas come to life, from the minds of Indians across the length and breadth of the country.

I, and the multiple teams behind the preparation of this innovation contest have pinned our hopes on these whiz kids, who aren’t looking at the cash prize as a motivational factor. Their drive to do something different, and bring a visible change in thousands of lives nationally and possibly internationally is what encourages them to mark out new peaks for them to achieve!

Organizing an event for students is exciting, as it keeps us on our feet and reminds everyone that in some way or the other, the future of the nation lays in our hands. We catalyze these minds to stir up some fascinating reactions.

#InnovateForever by @harryrockerz

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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