While I was not on this ICU bed I thought of holding your little hands in my wrinkled hands dear grandson, but everyone comes with a limited time over here and my time is over now. But it’s a start of your journey.
I imagined that you just look like your father brown eyes, confused mind with a big smile on your face and I can imagine the happiness of your father at this moment as I had the same feeling holding him in this same hospital. He’s sobbing right now, he is having tears of joy as he holds you in one hand and tears full of grief as he is holding my hand. What a irony! But son this is how the world works.
You will never be able to see me but this first and last letter of mine will be there with you forever. This world is beautiful with lots of things which will surprise you,excite you or sometimes make you feel sad also and you will get many experiences both good and bad in your lifetime, just remember one thing never quit, never be afraid and experience everything. There might be experiences which take you to a downroad also but never give up because giving up means not even trying. First try, if u fail its okay. But not even giving it a try will make you regret for your lifetime. In this world there are people with different cultures,traditions, backgrounds,and values, try to accept everyone but ignore the bad qualities. Try to hold onto those people who were there with you from the starting itself,who were holding your finger from this very day, who made you learb how to walk,to talk ,to eat and who told you the meaning of life in short.. this I tell you from my experience that never leave your parents behind who brought you in this world and who gave you endless support throughout.
I always had a wish to play with you my grandson,to spend quality time with you,to hear you reciting your prayers ,to go for walks,you on your tram and I on my wheelchair and to see you beacome a great man. And i also wished that we will both together be a burden on your parents for a while like your father was on me. Hahaha just kidding he is a great son just like you will be.Do you know son,that childhood and old age are very similar as we both are dependent on your parents for almost everything. Don’t get emotional because i will be there with you always and if u miss me anytime just look upto the sky and i will smile back to you. And remember one thing more ,if you give happiness you will get back the same. At last I want you to become an obedient son,great man,loyal husband, a caring parent and a fit old man..
Keep smiling as the world is lucky to have you.Love you grandson.
Yours lovingly

Photo credit: Sweetsofa via Visual hunt / CC BY

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Neeru Jain

In this world where everyone is searching different paths for success i search for a platform where i can rise.

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Neeru Jain

In this world where everyone is searching different paths for success i search for a platform where i can rise.


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