Darkness & Enlightenment

The word enlightenment itself covers the light of positivity.
I feel i am achieving this precious state of mind as I saw the darkness of negativity.

I feel enlightenment is a journey of never ending learning filled with wisdom faith and hope.
And I can always remember my path filled with darkness which was quite dope.

And I am thankful to this depressive darkness due to which I came across many realizations.
It was so intense that, I started valuing a single ray of light due to the starvation.

It was the starvation of feelings and emotions of optimism.
I felt as if I was being eaten by the monster of pessimism.

I felt As if I was facing extreme heat.
The heat which is capable of melting every heart beat.

The heat can be termed as severe anxiety filled with depression.
Thanks to the stigma created by our society, the heat melted my precious expression…

Thanks to the stigma people threw stones of some or other judgements.
I am thankful that my soul ignored this stones due to some constraints.

I am thankful to the divine universe as I experienced the pain.
Now I understand the real meaning of the quote “No pain, No gain…”

So if you are passing through tough time.
Do remember to believe in your dreams and be a bit naive… 🙂

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kunj patel

Graduated as an engineer
Working as a financier
Living as a learner,
Learner of Life...
Reading/writing & music makes me feel alive...

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kunj patel

Graduated as an engineer
Working as a financier
Living as a learner,
Learner of Life…
Reading/writing & music makes me feel alive…


  1. I didn’t realise that I spent almost four years with such a talent, So good and pure thought, More power to you brother

  2. Quite well articulated! Truth be told, we all need to be throw in shanty darkness to realize our true potential, later leading us to a path enlightened. The best of us, need a reality check to understand our limitations and work on improving ourselves in ever task we perform. #EnlightenOurselves

  3. Thanks for all the inspiration..This is probably the best thing that I saw on internet today! Great work Kunj..proud of you!

  4. Your poem is superb! I’m reading this third time! Once, I read it in the morning, and it made my day, then I read it in front of my friends. They too were impressed by it. And I just woke up and thought of reading it again, so that today too, will be a great day! Your poem makes my day man!!!

  5. I’m proud of u Kunj….ur poem is superb…. It made my day ….keep writing….keep inspiring…keep motivating ….work done very well…..keep learning….

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