Communal Imbalance in our society!

Disturbed, disdained, distorted and divided in opinion with people on the violence that has marred Maharashtra over the past many days. Cities coming to a standstill, leaders of right wing groups agitating mobs, who pelt stones at average people, just to create a tense situation and leave the social fabric tattered.

I’m not getting into details of why the clashes began, which was unfortunately incited during the celebration, or commiseration of the Battle of Koregaon, 200 years ago. One section of society calls it their watershed moment, while the other call it a loss of sheen moment for their ancestors.

Such was the difference of opinion between these two sections of society, which led to mass protests, stone pelting, heckling on the streets, loud mouthed flag protests and Section 144 (policé bandobast) across various cities of Maharashtra. Normal lives were thrown into the dumps at Mumbai and Pune, and there were cases of mobs burning cars and buses across these cities.

While groups claim that a lot of these protests were staged to create unrest, I ask a few simple questions –

– Why should you jeopardize democracy by taking the law in your hands?
– Who gives you the right to entice people and create angry mobs who damage property and bring misery to others?
– What example are you setting to the world, by clashing in the name of differentiated opinions and ideologies? Can we ever carve out a society that appreciates views and considers itself ideal?

We need solutions, and we need sense to prevail. This hooliganism and vandalism has no place in the educated and free thinking societies that we hope to create!

Rise above these petty issues, people! Think of the bigger picture and secure your lives. Do your part in nation building and put India on the world map, where the country can stand shoulder to shoulder, with pride among others.

#ChangeYourMindset, #BeACatalyst for peace

#UnitetoShine by @harryrockerz

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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