Automate. Assimilate. Co-create

A lot has been said and heard about automation and the inclusion of robotic engineering, which will make tasks in daily life and play, much easier; allow us neanderthals to lift our heels, and sip those margaritas on the beach side more often!

There is also one section of the society, which is very wary of the fact, that jobs could be effected, and individuals who have been essential operators of machinery and production processes, will be redistributed and left with little or no jobs at all. While scary a prospect it may seem to a larger part of the crowd, what’s important to understand is that – Automation is a subset of the implementation tactic of the human mind.

The technology for automation is to purely supplement existing menial tasks, which eats in precious hours of productivity. The idea is to also focus on tasks, where potential of early time output is higher, which in turn provides better returns on time invested. (Time is money, so people say!)
Automation is also better classified to perpetuate into what outcomes can be more beneficial for organizations. While the IT and ITeS industries, are fast moving towards adoption of automation; an important factor here is the investment made by top organizations to invest in re-skilling and up-skilling the workforce, to make the most of the opportunities at hand.

What can be believed, by pure analysis of the current #automationwave is that the survival of the fittest, with the smartest work ethic will define the scale of technological developments for the future. Also, more investments will be made to consult people on the intentions and deeds behind putting money on automation.

As automation begins seeping into the processes and systems of new age IT-enabled companies, some facts of the matter are:

1. The human element will see a little distancing away. However, a complete elimination cannot be possible. In the end, the thrill of interacting with a programmed machine v/s instinctive human is a varied experience in itself

2. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide better robots or humanoids (like in the Sci-Fi movies), who will continue to provide an experience, and challenge normal human behavioral instincts. It’s up to lot of us to look at this as an opportunity to up our game

3. Fighting technology is fruitless. It will only push us into oblivion, and murk our minds. Starting slow, and picking up the pace of learning will hold us in good stead

4. Technology is a savior, a friend and an ease enabler. Automation in its full force, will provide customer experience beyond our wildest dreams; however we must be careful about over indulgence and over dependence which can be cancerous to our lives. At times, cutting the cord works well; for sane minds to think of the next best thing

5. Automation will not start a parallel revolution. It will go on to add to the tech- enabled lives we are becoming accustomed too. It will sinfully, yet needfully pull us all out from the rut we generally accumulate, and bring us more closer to the cauldron of technology, finance and cultural understandings that are essential for its success. We play our part, through our constructive feedback mechanism

Automation will assimilate our beliefs, and provide a greenfield for all minds to unite, ideate and co-create the future we yearn for.

#BestFromTheRest through the #AutomateNest; by @harryrockerz

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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