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Our Most Recent 'Awesome' Creations!

Prepping for an event!

Yes indeed! The year’s begun on a rather sober note, and well no one seems to be complaining. As long as the meter is running and work keeps flowing in, I’d like to believe that things are shaping up for the best. What also begins are the preparations for a ...
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Being on Top of It! #LifeGoals

Don’t get any ideas guys! Getting on top of a lot of chores and especially those which are life-changing can be quite a task. The idea of being on top of things is to set pace to a life that is seemingly glorious at every step. For that glorious, free, ...
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My Legit Relationship

My lust was unholy, Yet my admiration was pure. Our romance sizzled for years, Yet uncertainties fizzled it out like a cold stare! What once united us, brought us total despair. The ignominy of our love bloom, lay nude within insecurities and gloom! Fornication never crossed our minds, never did ...
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The Science Of SMILE

Smile What’s in a smile? The general idea is that our emotions affect our behaviour, but what if simple changes in our behaviours or body movements could affect how we actually feel? It turns out, our body works in more interesting ways than we previously knew, and the simple act ...
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A Girl child

Why no to a girl child? Can’t you see how much she is sweet, caring and mild. Why the world is so wild always for a girl child? You always want a boy Why you expect more happiness, care and joy always from a boy Our society has its own ...
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Communal Imbalance in our society!

Disturbed, disdained, distorted and divided in opinion with people on the violence that has marred Maharashtra over the past many days. Cities coming to a standstill, leaders of right wing groups agitating mobs, who pelt stones at average people, just to create a tense situation and leave the social fabric ...
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Automate. Assimilate. Co-create

A lot has been said and heard about automation and the inclusion of robotic engineering, which will make tasks in daily life and play, much easier; allow us neanderthals to lift our heels, and sip those margaritas on the beach side more often! There is also one section of the ...
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Another Brick in the Wall!

The song is a classic from Pink Floyd, and this particular psychedelic and progressive musical track from the rock band has an intense meaning; even after decades of its release! Yet, I dwell upon what it means to add a brick to create the #WallofFame for life! Every brick, in ...
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